Project EAGLE funded for $2.9 million

Renzulli Center Director Del Siegle (PI), along with D. Betsy McCoach (Co-PI) and Susan Dulong Langley, has received a $2.9 million Javits grant to improve identification of English learners (ELs) for gifted services. ELs are among the most underidentified of underserved populations, while being the fastest growing population. The researchers note that static assessment measures (e.g., IQ and achievement tests) have not been effective in identifying the broad range of gifts evident across diverse populations, including ELs. Project EAGLE (Eliciting Advanced Gifted Learning Evidence) addresses this problem by refining and validating a dynamic identification approach that involves teachers reviewing a list of characteristics that mathematically talented students in Grades 3 and 4 exhibit while they interact with and observe the students engaging in problem-based activities. The grant also provides funding for 15 trainers to provide workshops to teachers on how to implement the no-cost identification system. The researchers will be recruiting a full-time post doc with experience in math education and English learners to assist with the research.

Photograph of Del Siegle Photo of D. Betsy McCoach Susan Dulong Langley Photo