Susan Dulong Langley

Co-Investigator, Postdoctoral Research Associate

Susan Dulong Langley, Ph.D. oversees the project as project director. She serves as the director for Project BUMP UP at UConn with responsibilities for (a) developing advanced elementary math differentiation; (b) delivering professional learning to spot math talent in underrepresented populations; and (c) conducting classroom observations and interviews. She is a former K–8 gifted specialist and professional learning provider in a diverse district (70 world languages). She provided pullout and push-in services. She implemented Primary Education Thinking Skills activities (Nichols et al., 2012) to help classroom teachers spot talent in underrepresented populations. She is the author (3rd ed.) and co-author (4th ed.) of “Accommodations for English Language Learners” in Content-based Curriculum for High-Ability Learners.

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